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Value Added Services

We are more than an ingredient supplier

Formula R&D

We know ingredients, and we know the market as well. Come with your ideas, goals or concepts, and we will work with you to create safe and effective formulas. We carry out comprehensive reviews on the existing formulas in the market, and modify those formulas basing on literature studies and customer feedbacks.

We also partnered with reputable academics in China and India for traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda researches. If you are interested in researching, verifying those traditional formulas and bringing them to the market, we are they right person to work with.

Inutra has already developed around 30 unique formulas for our customers, and introduced more than a dozen of exotic herbal ingredients to the US market.


Inutra Solutions has years of experience in providing high quality contract manufacturing services. As your OEM/ODM partner, we are your one stop source for formula ideas, product research, raw ingredients purchasing, product manufacturing and logistics. We have Chinese GMP contract manufacturing partners ready for your maximum cost efficiency. If you prefer the glory “Made in USA” mark, our partners around the U.S. can offer you the best quality at affordable prices as well.

With our help, you can significantly release your burdens on manufacturing and focus on other important parts of your business: branding, marketing, business development, fund raising and etc.

Our OEM service includes the following options:

​Hard Capsules



Liquid Pouch Bags

Powder filtering/mixing/grinding/blending

Bag Filling

Bottle Filling

Consulting Services

Inutra Solutions also provides consulting services for common issues for customers. These issues include  facts panels, label compliance, GRAS determination and filing, NDI notifications, ingredient/ formula literature review and more.

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